Submit A Book

Use this form to suggest a book — or any number of books! If it’s good (or not inherently terrible) I’ll read and write a standard review. If it’s bad, I’ll consider doing a chapter-by-chapter review so you can follow along and we can all poke fun at it together.

What I consider to be a “bad” book:

  1. It perpetuates stereotypes or other harmful ways of thinking
  2. It glorifies abusive relationships
  3. It says one thing and does another

There are published books out there with SPaG errors. There are authors who have basic writing abilities and/or no use for flowery prose. Those do not a bad book make. If the core message of the book is flawed, if the characters are unapologetically problematic and there are no consequences for their behavior, I consider it bad. I’m sure we all have differing opinions on this, but we can all (hopefully) agree that those 3 things are listed are not stories we should be praising.

Sorry to blabber on. Go ahead and suggest a book now please!